Thursday, January 7, 2016

Commence Weight Training

I had what might have been the most spectacular wipe out during a run today. It didn't happen on the glorious Forbidden Drive trails. It was 50 feet from my door over an uneven sidewalk. When I started, I passed an older gentleman with a grocery bag with what seemed like his lunch. I must have been a sight because even though my legs didn't catch up, my arms spread out like a drunken Spiderman to keep from eating concrete. When he caught up to me, he asked if I was okay.

In any other circumstance, I might have been able to catch myself with my feet but not today. After torn tights, a boo boo on the knee and a missing ear bud, I kept going.

2 days ago I decided to purchase a training plan from UpLiftTraining. One of the women I have run with in the past is the owner. I kid you not she looks like an off duty super hero. I have overheard her discussing ultra marathons with the other women and that she had a toddler. While I also have a toddler, I do not look like an off duty superhero. More like working mom that gets asked occasionally if I am expecting. All I do is run. Its on my to do list to do "other stuff" in terms of fitness. So, I am doing "other stuff".

I am starting to see my grief patterns. Whenever something happens to upset the balance in my world (usually a broken heart), I throw myself into something new that usually hurts like school or more fitness.

It has been 2 days of biceps/triceps and glutes/legs. While I still do not look like super hero, it sure does hurt. I chose this plan because it is geared for women to do in the home. It also doesn't require a lot of fancy gear, just willingness and weights. Right now it feels like I am utilizing muscles that have never seen the light of day. It is both awesome and painful. While I do not strive for super hero status, I would like to stop appearing as if I am expecting.

My 3 mile (recovery) run wasn't a total bust (Note: I usually run to workout, not recover from a workout). I found some stamps on the sidewalk. I had some quiet time to think about Bob (as I do frequently). I listened to music.

My college roommate told me that I must grieve but not despair. She said there is so much evidence of the "other side" where our loved ones were waiting. In thinking about this, I remembered that it was Bob that showed me a site called

It's still freaking hilarious.

I had a sense he was sort of telling me to lighten up.  I hear you Bob. Thanks.

This is me still trolling his FB page, now a memorial. I like seeing his Art.

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