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Palawan - Baker's Hill

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Palawan City Tour

Palawan Islands - Underground Cave Tour

For this boat ride I strongly recommend water proof bags for electronics, which they sell at the port. The waves can be rough and if you are like me and fall getting off the boat, its well worth it. 

Palawan Islands

The day I laded in Manila, after our magnificent Filipino lunch I slept instead of catching up with my sister. I did this because I knew we were getting up at 3:30 the next morning for our flight from Manila to Puerto Princessa at the Palawan Islands.

This was our island hopping adventure - catered lunch included. Our first stop was a splash house where lobster, horseshoe crab and grouper were cultivated and observed. There were marine biologists on the little man made island to make sure they were healthy and flourishing.

Our second stop was at Pandan Island where we hung out on the beach, fed the exotic fish and ate a catered lunch.

Prince Lestat, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice - Book Review (Spoiler Alert)

Prince Lestat continues the story of the red haired twins, Maharet and Mekare. It was exquisite.
Spoiler alert

This story picks up from when Mekare fulfilled an ancient curse. Vengeance was exacted from a deranged Queen. As she lay dying, the twins consumed her heart and brain. They honored their dead with this act but they didn’t do it for Akasha out of love. Inside her was the spirit that animated the immortals. The Twins meant to continue that legacy.

In this story, the mindless spirit that consumed in the form of a vampire’s blood lust was no longer unconscious. The novel begins with unexplained burnings. Then it becomes the madness of the ancients.
spoiler alert
Secrets are revealed in the course of this story. First, the Talamasca was founded by a supernatural being.  Once, Pandora beheld a spirit in her travels. Instead of turning from it in fear she said, “If you would have fleshy life, human life, hard life which can move through time and space, then fight of it. If you would…