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Urban Bourbon Half Marathon - Race Report

I ran the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon yesterday. I ran my butt off. I did a personal best and broke 2 hours. I felt so beat at the end. At mile 10, I was trying to figure out what could be my slowest speed and still come in under 2 hours. I have never run so hard. For the first 5 miles, I kept up with the crowd. My watch beeped an 8:45 minute mile, which is an unsustainable pace for me. My pace slowed between a 9 minute and 9:30 minute mile.
I usually don’t carry water with me during half marathons. This time, I carried a 300 ml bottle with me. I found this to be more efficient to ensure I am taking sips more often but not stopping. I did stop to fill up the bottle and also to finish an energy gel. My fingers were numb in the cold and it was hard to get it all. I was spreading chocolate gel all over my fingers and the mouth of the bottle.
I found myself having some breathing difficulty. It was a combination of being run down after a couple of 5:30 am runs during the week, baked goo…

Running Safety

This past weekend while running with my group, we discussed the topic of safety. As running miles increase during training, I have found myself running during the dark in order to add more hours into the day. These are early morning hours so I am not missed by my family or in the evenings after bed time. I wanted to make a list of products/services that I have come to use to ensure my safety. 

Road ID – When I first learned how to ride my bike with the clip in pedals, I sometimes found myself at dusk riding home. I had fears of falling. I wanted to be identifiable if I was unconscious. Road ID took my 10 year old canvas band back and replaced it with a silicone band and name tag. This way my skin wasn’t irritated with the increased perspiration in the Bluegrass state. I love that this company stood by their product, a 10 year old product, even when the “defect” was my sensitive skin rather than their wrist band. 

Tracer 360 by Nox Gear – I just purchased this product after friends, trai…

Intramuros - Binondo

My day at Corregidor and Luneta ended with my cousin running us around Manila. As tired as I was, it was amazing. My cousin called over to the shop in Binondo (Manila's Chinatown) to see if my aunt and uncle were there. They were. I got to meet them again. (I have seen photos of myself as a toddler with them but I have no memory of the contact.) The shop sold eastern remedies. It was started by my grandparents when they left the province for the big city.  My grandfather's photo is still on the wall like a shrine. 

On our way back to our dinner reservation, we stopped by the Manila Cathedral. This structure was wrecked during the battle of Manila. It was wonderful to see it lit up at night. 

 I even got to light a candle at the Binondo Catherdal.

Lastly, we stopped by a bakery for my favorite Chinese/Filipino pastries!