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Book Review of Lives in Limbo, Undocumented and Coming of Age in America by Dr. Roberto Gonzales

My writing pace is glacial. I told Dr. Gonzales I would review this book during Snowmageddon 2016 . Here I am mid-July with my book review.
My contact with Dr. Gonzales has been like Marius and Lestat in the previous post.  After much loss, Marius revealed their vampire origins. After much research, writing and finally getting my hands on this book, I now know why spent my 20s angry, confused and on the verge of alcoholism. I started this blog 2 years ago to explain it to myself. I am glad this book was released this past winter or I might not have started this journey.
Anecdotally, Dr. Gonzales has written having spent a lot of time among students with undocumented status. He did the work on the ground, formed relationships with these students and became a thought leader in the present day immigrant rights movement. Naturally, I stalked his work on FB, YouTube and internet. Whatever wasn’t publicly available he has given to his FB network like the article Framing Citizenship: Medi…