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One Tribe Part 2

Since Magellan’s arrival, other cultures in addition to Spain have been overlaid upon us; the Americans and the Japanese briefly.  We altered our appearance and played roles that were conducive to life rather than dignity or morality. We couldn’t afford otherwise. In doing so, we became less and less like ourselves all the while, the instinct to maintain our tribal nature remained. We just found different ways to name it, depending on the language of the conquistador whom we wished to emulate. We did it to be spared the cruelties of war and imperialism.
We were cunning, we were chameleons, we suffered irreparable losses but we survived. We became diasporic in nature.  As part of that dispersion, I became an alternative social bred, somewhere between Filipina and American.
Upon my arrival, I adopted a self in an attempt to be more American. Later on, I just felt like a fraud. I skirted around these emotions for 20 years. Assimilation had a cost. The DREAMers took it back when they p…