Saturday, October 5, 2013

Faith Rewarded

Truth isn't enough. Sometimes people deserve more. People deserve to have their faith rewarded. - The Dark Knight

 This past Friday was pretty awesome. I logged on to the website and saw that the I-130 applications for my parents have been approved. These applications verify my relationship with my parents. when I checked the status of my dad's permanent resident card (also known as a "green card"), it says that it was produced and was being shipped. My mom on the other hand has to get a police clearance or a certificate of good conduct. Her biometrics (finger prints) were not accepted. She has always had super dry hands and although she has gone twice to have them done, it just didn't take. This is the last step before they also accept her I-485 (adjustment of status) application.

So after all this time, their belief that our time here, good and bad, is paying off. They, we, are now legitimate in the eyes of the law. Legitimate as people, a family, and no longer looking over our shoulder fearing that knock on the door that might destroy our lives here.

It all seems like marvel comics but sometimes the kernels of wisdom are so evident on the silver screen. It is the faith that after all this time, our situation would work itself out and we would come out okay in the end. I have been waiting for this for so long. It is such a relief. It is also the one last thing before I join a movement that is taking this country by storm. Its amazing to see young activists out there, fighting, speaking and showing the world that we immigrants are not enemies of the state. We are contributing members of society, scholars, writers, mothers, runners, friends and generally decent people that have the same struggles as our documented counterparts.

I struggle with my own faith sometimes. I struggle with my own faith a lot. I often question my own goodness.

This time, when I thought there would be no light at the end, and I am was close to despair, I was wrong.

These "dream act kids" as President Obama calls them are pushing through their limits and helping to create a much better world.

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