Friday, September 27, 2013


Who am I and what I am doing here? I guess this is practice for a neaurotic chickenshit writer that won't write for anyone else other than herself. I know that feel more whole and more like the person I should be when I write. I guess this blog, although only for myself, is a path to that person. Otherwise, I am mom, writer, wife and former undocumented Alien. This is how I view the world, anger management and how I will make it through. I no longer pay for a therapist so for the time being, this unpublished blog will have to do. It gets cumbersome to whip out the cute little notebook and write. People always want to know what you are writing about. Its usually me bitching about things, people and circumstances. I don't want to make this blog a bitchfest though. At least I will attempt to channel my world intake with some kind of thoughtful output so I'm not a hot mess when all is said and done. I'd like to think that there's someone out there reading me (emphasis on the words neurotic and chickenshit). Some day I'll hit that publish button but for now, just wanted to introduce myself and start off the right way.

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