Monday, July 24, 2017

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta - Product Review

This past spring I upgraded my hydration pack to the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta.  I chose it since it had the same functionality as my SLS3 but higher end. I had purchased the SLS3 for the Rough Trail with the idea of having my hands fee during the race. Now my hydration pack has become so essential to every trail run that I have to remind myself that it’s not always necessary if its a short distance.

Some differences between this pack and my old one are soft water bottles that are easier against the body. They collapse as the liquid is drained. I usually use fill both bottles. One contains an electrolyte water and regular water. The water bottles are higher on the front of the vest and don’t need to be removed to take a drink. There are pockets underneath that contain my phone and snacks.  

There are 3 pockets in the back. The main compartment is separated and can house a bladder. The outside of the pack has two smaller pockets for my paraphernalia. It also has a draw string, which was good during Ragnar Kentuckiana since I was shedding layers during my run. My hoodie didn’t fit in the pack itself but was attached via that bungee cord. I usually carry a first aid kit, inhaler, phone, knee brace if needed, nutrition, hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes and ID. It’s probably paranoia but I like to be ready for anything in the woods.

This product is specific to women so there aren’t any straps hanging down that flap around during a run.  Also worth noting that in this Kentucky heat and humidity, this product hasn’t chaffed me.  I feel ready for adventures on the trail! 

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