Monday, October 17, 2016

Running Safety

This past weekend while running with my group, we discussed the topic of safety. As running miles increase during training, I have found myself running during the dark in order to add more hours into the day. These are early morning hours so I am not missed by my family or in the evenings after bed time. I wanted to make a list of products/services that I have come to use to ensure my safety. 

Road ID – When I first learned how to ride my bike with the clip in pedals, I sometimes found myself at dusk riding home. I had fears of falling. I wanted to be identifiable if I was unconscious. Road ID took my 10 year old canvas band back and replaced it with a silicone band and name tag. This way my skin wasn’t irritated with the increased perspiration in the Bluegrass state. I love that this company stood by their product, a 10 year old product, even when the “defect” was my sensitive skin rather than their wrist band. 

Tracer 360 by Nox Gear – I just purchased this product after friends, training for an ultra-marathon, organized a long run at 8pm. I ran the first 5 miles out of 22 with them.  My friend had it on, and others in the group had their headlamps, I had my Nathan Light Bender LED armband on and other reflective gear. There were 4 of us running so even though there were no street lights, I felt pretty safe in our MRTT cocoon. 

There is also an ICE function on the iPhone that allows for your emergency contact to be visible even when it is locked.

On trails I carry a whistle and a small first aid kit (race freebie) in my hydration pack. I have fallen before on the trails and it’s nice to be able to brush off and go on.

Lastly, I have run alone in the dark and also on trails before but the best safety is to run with company. 

Love the sunrise view.

Note: In the winter I will accessorize all these items over a bright pink jacket and hat by Brooks. 

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