Friday, May 1, 2015

Anniversary Chococurb

I have labeled this a "product review" but I am not sure that is accurate anymore given that I am talking about the same "product" over and over again. That being said, I'm going to bring this back to Chococurb.

I recently celebrated my 7 year wedding anniversary with my husband. This entails dinner where we were married, which is easy since it took place at a great restaurant, and an exchange of token gifts. He usually gives me the traditional gift, which this year is copper. This year, I gave him a subscription box of Chococurb.  My profile with the company is for a variety of dark chocolate and since it is a subscription, the final package is a surprise. Here's what we got.

I have to make another special note of the packaging. The package arrived via the US Postal Service in a cardboard envelope. The contents were this heavy duty green box and nestled inside is another heavy duty box. It's contents were nestled in tissue paper.

So far, we have tried the Pacari and Dolcetta.

The Pacari one is particularly sooth and citrus-y with the lemongrass.

I have two photos of this once since I am sad it is gone. What a ridiculously good combination of dark chocolate and the saltiness of a pretzel. It was light and and the salt doesn't hit you until its been in your mouth for a few seconds.

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