Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sherpani Ultralight Tote Bag

I just bought a bag from REI and I love it. It’s the Sherpani Soleil Ultralight Tote bag. I bought it in black just like a lot of my things so I don’t have to think about coordinating colors. I have been searching for a bag that is part laptop case, part diaper bag, part gym bag and chic enough to be a sort of a purse ( sort of like (working) mom chic, not like “mom jeans” chic ). I should say that I do not like switching all my things from one bag to another depending on the situation. I truly do not want to take the time. When I think about it, I really only have three “situations”: mommy, work and gym. I guess you can count me hunched over my writing desk as another “situation” but at that point I am home and do not need a bag. Although when I am in my “office” at home, I do bring my purse and take it with me when the day is done. Thankfully the commute is only to the kitchen downstairs. I should also tell you that I do not like shopping so I actually mail ordered a few bags before I found this one. 

I like this bag because it’s several bags in one. It has back pack straps that are padded that might be good for a day trip into the city that might contain a water bottle, pullup, spare clothes and baby wipes. It has a strap if I want to use it as a laptop case for work in my actual office. It fits my 14 inch laptop with plenty of room to spare. There are also tote handles that I used yesterday to hang on the treadmill so I wouldn’t have to leave it in a locker at the Y! This bag is also not too big.
It was around 99 dollars but I got 20% off as an REI member when their membership dividends were issued. So if you’re a low maintenance, low effort sort of gal that hates shopping you might like this as much as me. (If only my wardrobe were this easy)


Here’s the inside of my bag. Yes I carry around camping utensils so I don’t have to use disposable plastic in an effort to be conscious of my waste footprint.

So I took this bag with me on the airplane. I used it as a backpack with my laptop and all the things my little guy might need on the plane. I also took it with me on a 1/2 day excursion looking for dolphins in the southwest Florida coast.  Turns out the handles also work great when hanging on random trees while we played in the Gulf of Mexico. As expected, it was and is still a really awesome bag.

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