Friday, March 6, 2015


While we are waiting for me to finish Mr. Karnow's history of the Philippines and I am so very close (10 pages to go). I have to tell you guys about a gift I ordered for a friend. I have been waiting to use this service for "the one" just because I am tickled by the thought of getting gourmet chocolates through the mail. I am also a chocoholic on the wagon that can eat a slice of chocolate cake covered in Nutella (yes, I have actually done this). Since I can't run all the time to counteract this addiction, I keep myself from eating it but by giving it to other people.  My friend recently had to say goodbye to a pet so she became "the one".

According to the shipment tracking, she hasn't received it yet so hopefully she is not reading this right now. I ordered her a box of chocolate via Chococurb. I learned of it from a Huffington Post Blogger, Maria Adcock and her blog post.

So anyway, she has yet to receive it but hopefully she enjoys (and shares).


  1. Thank you so much for your support Jennifer! I'm grateful for it and am even more appreciate of how thoughtful you are. Hope your friend stays strong and feels better (chocolate should help)!

  2. Hope your friend feels better! Hmmm since you love chocolate maybe you should order one for yourself; hey, maybe a Welcome Spring gift! :)

    1. A great idea..also might put me over the edge!